I really love Super Mario Maker. The attention to detail in every little way is great.

I have had tried my hand at making some Mario Maker levels. I plan to do some more later and I will update this post accordingly. I don't like to make my levels excessively hard or more a slog to finish than a want.

Surrender to the Wiggler: 643C-0000-0044-C2F9

Usually, Mario Maker levels have been fun for me to do because, I like to focus on one concept and then build the level around it. I forget the context but I remember my friend saying Surrender to the Wiggler and then made my first level out of that. 

Yoshi Dies at the End: 8ECE-0000-0048-3098

This one was just testing out how to make a auto-scrolling level. The problem with Cheetah speed auto-scrolling is the player needs to gain momentum quickly early on. If you happen to beat this level with Yoshi I would love to know how.

Chomptower First Bite: CC50-0000-0053-7E8F

After playing Vinny from Vinesauce's Field of Koopers 3, I got interested in the concept of Chain-Chomps riding things. The idea was to see if I could make a send-up to Clocktower with Super Mario Maker. I think it worked out pretty well. I spent a good deal of time making sure the Chain-Chomps wouldn't get hindered on a piece of geometry and stop there. 

I plan on doing a dry bones themed level next.


AuthorDavid Johnson