Kentucky Route Zero is an indie episodic point and click adventure game by Cardboard Computer. In this guide, I hope to give you a succinct and easy way to decide how you would like to play Kentucky Route Zero

Just Play the Acts

This is a completely fine way to play. The extra content only serves to continue adding breadth and context to a fairly fleshed out world on its own. Kentucky Route Zero will slightly hint at things only to show them much later. Information presented in Act I that might not make sense will then be explored in Act III, for example. Obviously play Acts I through IV in order.

Play with the Bonus Separate Games

Okay so for ease of use I am going to separate this out into a list. I will try my best not to spoil any story specifics.

  • Act I - Released January 7, 2013

Once your given the ability to explore in your truck, I recommend at some point returning to Equus Oils in this Act ; Or don't its up to you.

The first of the additional games, Limits & Demonstrations is a short vignette giving insight to the works of installation artist Lula Chamberlain. It would be fine to play this before Act I but since it revolves around Lula who is in Act II; I recommend playing it before Act II. You play as Emily, Ben, and Bob; the people who were playing the tabletop game in Act I.

The Entertainment is a much more size-able side story then Limits & Demonstrations. This game also takes place from the first person and has Occlus Rift DK1 and DK2 versions to use. You play the Bar-fly in a simultaneous performance of your own play,  "A Bar-Fly' and 'A Reckoning'. The Entertainment is a production worked on from many characters you have met previously. While fictionally written in 1973 this play explains a event at The Lower Depths that happens right before your visit to it in Act III. You could play this before or after Act III and both would be fine. 

  • Act III- Released May 6, 2014

Once you are given the ability to drive again in Scene II, go to Equus Oils; Or don't its up to you.

Call now at (270) 301-5797 (No, I mean really, feel free to pick up your phone and call this number and you will get nearly the same experience) . For the language of bats press 2. For a list of the places where people can't sleep press 3. If you're holding a snake right now press 4. Play before Act IV to help you explore the echo river. If you feel like changing your phone follow this guide. Again Emily, Ben and Bob from Act I appear in this. 

  • Extension for weird water findings: 0464

  • Extension for I forget: 1928

  • Extension for strangers: 7864


  • Act IV- Released July 19, 2016

Odds and Ends

This is all the extras I could think of. I might have missed some.

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AuthorDavid Johnson