If you want to quote me in or out of context here you go. You look immature when you reference the Watergate scandal for this bullshit that clearly does not have a direct purpose.  Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Mark Felt and many others risked actual journalistic career ending and possibly life ending risks to make sure the truth got out. Death threats is what the upstanding journalists in this case (ya know the good guys) got in the mail. I realize in doing some studying that using suffix Gate to show scandal is more common than just people with too much free time who claim gaming is their hobby. But, nonetheless if you can't just explain this hashtag with more than general feelings of malaise towards gaming journalism I don't think it deserves such a suffix.  Also trying to explain the events of #gamergate with these tenuous connections to previous events leading to current events shows how scatter-shot this thing is. 

AuthorDavid Johnson